Top 5 Health Benefits of Massage

By Jason Carlton, LMT

Clients come to me for a massage and list any number of needs about why they want my help. Oftentimes, a person who comes to me for bodywork is already familiar with the process, but just as often, I meet clients who are first-timers with massage therapy. If you’re new to the idea, it helps to know a bit about how can massage benefit you.

There is a long list of reasons I could cite, but for now, I’ll limit it here to a famous five:

  1. Stress relief: This is one of the top reasons that people come to me for massage therapy. The most challenged parts of the body, in our modern culture, are commonly the upper back, the shoulders and the neck, where we tend to carry stress. By focusing on these areas, a massage therapist can help you melt away some of the tension.

  2. Pain management: It can be tension, an injury, stiffness, or a health condition that creates discomfort. Some of us have reasons we can’t or won’t treat pain with medication, which makes bodywork a good alternative, or even adjunct treatment. 

  3. Circulation: Whether you’re dealing with an injury that’s healing or a chronic condition, myofascial release – massage therapy can open up the body to help blood flow reaches critical areas for healthy movement and body functions.

  4. Mood improvement: Depression and anxiety are common in our culture, and bodywork can calm your nerves and create a sense of well-being that will add to your other modes of treating your condition.

  5. Flexibility: Particularly for athletes or those who work physical jobs, it’s critical to maintain pliable muscles. Techniques such as trigger release — when I focus on “knots” in the muscles — will help with supple movement of the joints and soft tissue.

Like I said, this is a short list of just a few of the ways massage therapy can help you. Stay tuned, as more is to come.

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