With Massage, Consistency is Key

By Jason Carlton, LMT

There are very few magic wands in the real world, yet it’s not uncommon for people to come to me hoping one single massage will quickly fix a nagging problem — like chronic pain, stress or inflexibility.

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When I’m asked, “Jason, can you make it all go away?” I have to answer honestly: Yes and no.

Yes, massage therapy undoubtedly can help ease many problems, but no, it’s not always possible for a deep, or persistent issue to vanish in just one session of therapeutic bodywork. Just like anything that happens over time, consistent massage therapy works best as a process or routine.

Here are a just few things I’ve learned over my career about the benefits of regular bodywork for my clients:

  • Your pain issues often took time to progress to get to the point they are today. More often than not, it will take multiple sessions to reach that pain-free balance again. Bodywork can address the pain, inflammation and stiffness from injuries or poor posture by increasing blood flow­ in the muscles. This can improve your range of motion and ease tension, which allow you to get back to healthy activities.

  • If you find yourself regularly under stress (an oft underestimated issue with many serious potential health consequences), massage helps change that recipe over time by giving your mind and body the repeated message of self-care, relaxation and well-being.

  • The biochemical boost of regular massage — releasing white blood cells and hormones like melatonin and oxytocin — gives your body the critical ingredients it needs for relaxation, better mood and sleep, energy for exercise and overall better function of your immune system.

  • Consistent massage can mitigate the processes that brings on tension headaches and often migraines by improving blood flow, reducing built-up stress, and restoring the electrochemical mechanism responsible for releasing tight muscles.

  • Exercise and athletic training, which place higher than usual demands on the body, need to be managed with TLC. Consistent bodywork promotes mobility and increases the circulation to and from your trouble spots to promote recovery.

There are many more specific benefits to massage therapy, depending on your particular lifestyle and goals, so stay tuned as I talk more about those topics in the future. Just like regular exercise, eating well, and sleep, making regular massage therapy a part of your lifestyle and self-care routine is one of the best investments you can make in your health and well-being.

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Top 5 Health Benefits of Massage

By Jason Carlton, LMT

Clients come to me for a massage and list any number of needs about why they want my help. Oftentimes, a person who comes to me for bodywork is already familiar with the process, but just as often, I meet clients who are first-timers with massage therapy. If you’re new to the idea, it helps to know a bit about how can massage benefit you.

There is a long list of reasons I could cite, but for now, I’ll limit it here to a famous five:

  1. Stress relief: This is one of the top reasons that people come to me for massage therapy. The most challenged parts of the body, in our modern culture, are commonly the upper back, the shoulders and the neck, where we tend to carry stress. By focusing on these areas, a massage therapist can help you melt away some of the tension.

  2. Pain management: It can be tension, an injury, stiffness, or a health condition that creates discomfort. Some of us have reasons we can’t or won’t treat pain with medication, which makes bodywork a good alternative, or even adjunct treatment. 

  3. Circulation: Whether you’re dealing with an injury that’s healing or a chronic condition, myofascial release – massage therapy can open up the body to help blood flow reaches critical areas for healthy movement and body functions.

  4. Mood improvement: Depression and anxiety are common in our culture, and bodywork can calm your nerves and create a sense of well-being that will add to your other modes of treating your condition.

  5. Flexibility: Particularly for athletes or those who work physical jobs, it’s critical to maintain pliable muscles. Techniques such as trigger release — when I focus on “knots” in the muscles — will help with supple movement of the joints and soft tissue.

Like I said, this is a short list of just a few of the ways massage therapy can help you. Stay tuned, as more is to come.

As always, please call or email if you have specific questions. Be sure to book your next appointment online now - wellness won't wait forever!